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Painted Space

Work smarter, not harder.

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We offer a strategic & efficient way to connect you to the curators in your genre. 🚀


Paid campaigns are returning soon! : )

Submit your song to our curators.

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 Recent case study. 

Case Study

Here's a look at a campaign we ran with Drew.

4,800 listeners and 10,800 streams in 7 days

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The Process

 Campaign process. 



Select a goal that best matches your campaign budget and give us a bit more information about your release.

You should hear back within 24 - 72 hours.

It's as easy as that! We'll take it from there.

Interested in the submission process?



An expert from our review team will look over the details of your campaign. Our team will pitch to verified curators and secure placement for your track.

We can't guarantee their approval, but we'll try out best.

We'll refund any campaign we can't secure.



Sit back and relax; the burden is off your shoulders. Rest easy knowing we've secured placement with as many curators as we could within your price range. 

You can track your growth in your artist dashboard.

Watch your campaign sky-rocket!

Painted Space

Let the world discover your hit.

Create a campaign in under a minute. Let us take care of the rest.



Our campaigns scale for artists starting out to artists looking for big promotion. Never bots. All 100% organic, quality growth. Unlike some websites. 🤐


Pitch your music to most of our curators with the chance of being placed. In only a few steps, your track will be in hundreds of inboxes. Use it for free. 😀


Our Stream+ Subscriptions offer "set and forget" growth. Grow on a consistent basis

with more control of where your tracks are placed. Now available! 💪🏼

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