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We make playlisting easy.

Every artist knows the struggle of navigate the industry. It's hard to find what you need and hard to apply it.

We're making the tools that platinum selling artists have used for years available to everyone. With ease.

A platform designed to accelerate your career.

The sad reality in today's digital age is that algorithms and pure man-power determine the success of music. Listen length, save ratio; it all matters. Strategy is more important now than ever.

Playlist placements give artists the long-term foundation necessary for consistent growth.

What we're about.

The music industry can be shady. That's why we're a company built on trust; full transparency. The ultimate goal is to build an easy to use, affordable, and effective marketing platform. For the people.

We're an open book. If you have any questions at all, don't hesitate to email us.

Who we are.
StreamSmart is a small team of marketing gurus, playlist curators, music promoters and strategic thinkers. It was painfully clear to us that the major label tools for growth and success weren't available to the average artist. So we came together to build just that. A platform for the underdog.

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