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Good press that leads to good growth. We pitch your music to our vast network of music blogs on the web, on Spotify, and on YouTube. We selectively and personally reach out to our curators for you. If the pitches come back as duds, we'll refund your campaign.

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Are you ready to take your music to the next level? With our curator network and playlisting tools, we've created the bridge between artists and curators allowing you to submit your music and generate the exposure you deserve. 😊


Please note: Unlike fraudulent/botted music promotional services, it's impossible for an organic service like ours to guarantee any number of streams. We can, however, guarantee that your track is placed in the highest quality places possible; otherwise, we'll refund your campaign. Quality over quantity. 📈

Delivery in 24-48hrs.

After you start your campaign, you can expect results within 24-48 hours.

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Only real, organic, and actively growing playlists. More info in our F.A.Q.

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Encourages Spotify's discovery algorithm with our vetted playlist audiences.

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4,800 listeners and 10,800 streams in 7 days

Here's a look at a recent trial campaign we ran with Drew.


"Working with StreamSmart has given me a huge boost in good press and engagement. Being placed in major curators blogs/playlists have not only helped expose my music to new fans, but it has also increased my algorithmic streams which is key to succeeding as an independent artist."

 Artists and labels, just like you. 

There's only so much we can say. Take it from our valued clients.

Drew Harvey

Independent R&B/Rap Artist

Painted Space

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